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Hello my name is Brice Gould. I am a Graphic Designer from the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. I have the best job in the world! I create art! My love started with comic books, the detail in the characters and the worlds they were from inspired me to create my own. While in class I would doodle on the inside of my notebooks the logos of my favorite bands; later on creating logos for my own bands. I spent time in high school familiarizing myself with Adobe programs and how to utilize them.

As I got older I would keep busy doing other things but I always came back to art and design. Finally in 2009, I fully immersed myself in the art and design world while studying at The Art Institute of Charleston. There I met great teachers and classmates that challenged me and pushed my design skills past any level I could have imagined. I have come to find true inspiration in everything around me. Good design comes from life and experiences and we as artists and designers strive to capture it in our work.

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